VINATech이 2020년 시작하는 방법 #Sharing, #Passion, #Communication

2020-02-20 [17:54]
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VINATech이 2020년을 시작하는 방법 #Sharing, #Passion, #Communication

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VINATech, well-known supercapacitor manufacturer at the same time PEM MEA and carbon Support and Catalyst for fuel cells provider, starts 2020 with drinking Jeonju rice wine, nope oh yes, and hiking MoAk mountain. I know the taste of Jeonju rice wine, but cannot describe it so just recommend you come and visit us now, we will serve you with Supercapacitor and Fuel Cell components factory tour and complete your day with rice wine surely only if you order in advance.

It is one of VINATech's old tradition to hike the mountain with VINATech members at New Year's day including VINATech's Cheif Executive Officer DK Sung, as his one of the favourite hobby is marathon and hiking.

Next day with all staffs and R&D Center engineers, VINATech held the first monthly meeting and January birthday party. VINATech also did participate in monthly volunteer work in Jan and cut many many pumpkins for the elderly citizens in the local social welfare centre. VINATech made memorable moments and had a good start of 2020, so did you?
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VINATech is formed in 1999, South Korea, the supercapacitor manufacturer.  Providing #fuel_cell components such as catalyst, carbon catalyst support, and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Hydrogen Fuel Cell. VINATech, a known & market-leading #supercapacitor manufacturer,  owns technologies of EDLC VET 2.7V Supercapacitor for high temperature,  Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC 3.8V Series, and NEO series of 2.7V & 3.0V supercapacitor. All are developed by VINATech's own R&D lab.