Responding to COVID-19, VINATech Participate in Blood Donation

2020-04-22 [11:18]
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VINATech is doing volunteer work, NANUM activities to build better and safe society.
This time, many members wish to help the COVID-19 crisis and participated by his/her free wills.

After collecting survey results of checking each and every VINATech staffs about whether to participate in blood donation, many members strongly wish to help the crisis due to #coronavirus. Therefore KOREAN Redcross Blood Service is pleased to send the bus of blood donation to #VINATech twice in 17th and 21st in April. 

As #Corona19 continues, we have experienced great difficulties in supplying blood in Korea, President Moon appreciated the help for  COVID-19 causing serious blood shortage. During the sixties ceremony of 19th April revolution, also he added 419 revolution had started the blood donation history.

Below is Frequently asked questions and answers to blood donations quoted from bloodinfo.net

Source : https://www.bloodinfo.net/notice_general.do?action=detail&brdno=11&brdctsno=394587

Q: Can I be corona19 virus confirmed when donating blood?
A: Staffs of Korean Red Cross strictly adheres to guidelines for prevention of infections guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All of the blood donation home or blood donation bus workers wear masks and hand hygiene thoroughly, and all items are used for disposable purposes. In addition, both the blood donation house and the blood donation bus are sterilized twice a day. So no worries about the infection of the Corona19 virus through blood donation.

Q: Is there anything I should be aware of when visiting the blood donation home or blood donation bus?
A: If you have fever and respiratory symptoms (coughing, sore throat, etc.) before your visit, access to the blood donation home and donation bus is restricted. When visiting a blood donation house or a blood donation bus, be sure to wear a mask even indoors and use hand sanitizer to protect your hands. In addition, please inform us of your travel history and past medical history accurately prior to blood donation.

Q: What should I do if I am notified of self-containment or confirmed patients at the public health center after blood donation?
A: If you are notified of self-containment or confirmed patients, please contact the Korean Red Cross CRM Center (1600-3705), the blood donation home you visited, or the appropriate blood source.

Q: What about the blood donated by self-isolators or confirmers?
A: We don't allow blood from self-isolates to be transfused until the quarantine is terminated, and blood donated from confirmed patients is discarded.

Q: Can the Corona 19 virus spread through blood?
A: In general, it is known that neutrophil viruses such as MERS and SARS do not spread through blood transfusions, and Corona 19 has not been reported through blood transfusions.

Q: What action is taken if the confirmed patient's blood is transfused?
A: When the confirmed patient's blood is confirmed to have been transfused to the patient, the blood source will report the corresponding information to the Center for Disease Control and Disease Control will take action in accordance with the respiratory mediated infectious disease treatment procedure.

Q: Is the blood donation place that the confirmed patient went to is safe?
A: The blood donation house and blood donation bus are sterilized daily. In addition, the blood donation site that the confirmed patient has visited can be donated safely because additional disinfection is performed directly at the public health center.

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