VINATech Adieu 2019, Happy New 2020

2020-01-10 [16:57]
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VINATech, the supercapacitor manufacturer, owns technologies of EDLC VET 2.7V Supercapacitor for high temperature, Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC 3.8V Series, and NEO series of 2.7V & 3.0V supercapacitor. All are developed by VINATech's own R&D lab.

VINATech Family members shared the memory and happiness together before the year 2019 ends in Jeonju nearby the headquarter of VINATech factory and R&D Lab. The video includes 2019 company values such as sharing with neighbours in #Jeonju and Anyang, reading together in company bookclubs, mountain climbing with Youth Interns, ready to be VINATech engineers, 50 kilometres march with newly joined staffs and 12 kilometres marathon annually held with members. There are so much interesting and fun stories in vina.co.kr, as we just open the new web site. You are more than welcome, please visit us and leave your comments.

You can find from YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5aP7g_P_fs
Links to VINATech's Official YouTube Chanel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6kryYC1ZGUMjdTevcQmtrQ?sub_confirmation=1
Website : vina.co.kr Call +82-31-448-3066
Hycap @vina.co.kr for supercapacitor & Fuelcell @vina.co.kr for fuel cell components

VINATech is formed in 1999, South Korea, the supercapacitor manufacturer. Providing fuel cell components such as platinum catalyst, carbon catalyst support, and Membrane Electrode Assembly for Hydrogen Fuel Cell.
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