VINATech Kimchi making story

2019-11-21 [13:39]
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Every year before the winter comes.
VINATech families gather for making Kimchi!!

It's been 9 years already. VINATech is #Supercapacitor expert as well as #Kimchi making masters and we share Kimchi with our society.
Kimchi made by VINATech has shared with 220 families in Jeonju and a social shelter in Anyang.

Youtube URL : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bAJCgFcAwc

Website : vina.co.kr
Youtube Channel : https://youtube.com/channel/UC6kryYC1ZGUMjdTevcQmtrQ

VINATech is leading supercapacitor(HyCap, EDLC) manufacturer and providing fuel cell materials and components, catalyst, catalyst support, and MEA Membrane Electrode Assembly.
VET for high-temperature conditions and 3.8V VPC hybrid lithium capacitor is invented by the very best VINATech R&D Lab as the solution of anti-wetting technology.
Inquiry about ultracapacitor (supercapacitor), please contact us at hycap @vina.co.kr.
Fuel cell material related question, please email us at Carbon @vina.co.kr.

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