VINATech met Young Talents in Jeonju

2019-07-03 [17:04]
The first half of 2019 field interview day” was held to connect the job seekers and the leading companies that play the pivotal roles in manufacturing industries in Jeolla province at the Jeonbuk University at Jun. 27th.
VINATech and the other thirty-seven companies, participated in the event, which was held jointly with Jeonbuk Technopark, the Korea national Institute of Science and Technology, and the Jeonju-based Labor Office. One-stop promotion is provided to leading companies in Jeollabuk-do, from promotion to interview, to recruitment, and to support recruitment of companies.
This event was held twice each year since 2013 in order to support the leading companies and local youths in Jeollabuk-do provice.
VINATech is also looking forward to meeting young talents for administration and research and development team.

By Jtnews, Nam-Yong, Kwon (www.jtnews.kr, July 3rd, 2019)
Edited by Allen Son (allenson@vina.co.kr) & Heidi Kim (heidi@vina.co.kr)

VINATech is committed to researching HY-CAP supercapacitors and fuel cells. We have introduced the NEO supercapacitor series including 2.7V and 3V.

If you have any questions about battery and supercapacitor comparison, energy density, et cetra, please contact hycap@vina.co.kr. For more information on fuel cell materials, please visit carbon@vina.co.kr. You can contact us by menu or contact us at 031-448-3066.
Please check the VINATech website (vina.co.kr) for further information.
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