Vinatech Vina Co., Ltd was awarded the title "Enterprise for employees

2021-02-23 [17:18]
On 09-10 / 01/2021, at the program Workers' Day, New Year's Day held by the Labor Confederation of Bac Ninh Province, Vinatech Vina Co., Ltd we were honored as one of the 30 units receiving the honor "Enterprise for employees" brand. On January 10, 2021, General Director Mr. Hwang Myung Goo received a certificate of merit from the Labor Federation of Bac Ninh Province.
ย ย ย ย  The rankings "Enterprises for the employees" are evaluated based on a rigorous set of criteria developed by labor experts and trade unions. The set of criteria ensures a close reflection of the actual use and treatment of employees of the enterprise in terms of income, training, working environment, social welfare and fitness activities. quality as well as spirit.
In particular, the set of criteria gives special priority to businesses with higher benefits for employees and better implementation of the law.

The title "Enterprise for employees" this year for Vinatech Vina is a recognition of the company's non-stop commitment and efforts in investing in facilities and outstanding policies to bring about Ideal working environment for workers.
ย ย ย ย ย  In the coming time, Vinatech Vina will continue our efforts to build a safe and ideal working envir
onment for our employees.

[About VINATech]

VINATech established in 1999 has developed and produced Ultracapacitor and Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly, and is equipped with smart factory based production facilities with the highest level of automation in order to ensure the highest quality level.ย 

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