Vinatech Vina Co., Ltd received third prize in the exercise video creative emulation movement org

2021-02-23 [17:16]
Not only paying attention to cultural and spiritual life, Vinatech Vina also pays great attention to the health of each employee. Since then, Vinatech's morning exercise is performed every day and is well received by all employees and becomes an indispensable cultural part of the company.
Coming to the contest "Composing mid-hour exercise video clip in employees '' organized by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, the contest" Morning exercise "of Vinatech with the message" Stay healthy to contribute to increase productivity, quality of labor โ€has received more than 1200 votes on the website Cuocsongantoan.vn. And out of more than 3,000 submissions, Vinatech's "Morning Exercise" total score is ranked 10/34 the best. Vinatech Vina's won the final third prize.
ย On January 15, 2021, Vinatech Vinaโ€™s President of the trade union Mr. Cao Van Hung and representatives of the fitness group Ms. Huynh Thi Cam Nhung represented the company to attend the award ceremony held in Hanoi.

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