[Interview] VINATech's Growth and People-Oriented Value Management

2020-07-20 [08:51]
The supercapacitor market is classified by industry, energy, consumer electronics. A supercapacitor has a chracteristic of fast charging and temperature stability that is more flexible than ordinary batteries. Its applications has various fields such asย GPS, portable media players, laptops, and mobile devices. VINATech has grown a World Class player in the supercacitor market by consistenet R&D and people-centered value management.

The supercapacitor is an electrionic component that is intended to be used for the purpose of a battery but with an emphasis on the function as a capacitor. its application fiels is wide from electric vehicles, trains, cranes, and elevators. According to data from Mordorintelligence, a market research firm, the supercapacitor market will continue to expandย  by 2025, showing a CAGR of 21.8% between 2020 and 2025.

VINATech plans to be listed in KOSDAQ in 2020. In 2019 Vinatech's total sales was 429 billion and 87% came from exports. The overseas market includes 12 countries including Europe, North America, India and Vietnam. due to the diversification of its export regions, VINATech prevents itself from serious influence from a single major customer.
Application is diverse ranging from automobiles to consumer goods. VINATech endeavored for effective market approaches by recruiting local experts at each major base. Recently, E-Marketing Division has been set up to aiming at Russia and South America markets.ย 

Beginning in 1999, the VINATech has developed and supplied the world class supercapacitors. From now, supercapacitors will become the core of the fourth industrial era that data transmission plays a great role more and more in the wireless era.

Also, VINATech is progressing in mass-production development of the fuel cell technology. In the fields of automobiles, drones, power generation, and buildings, fuel cells considered to be the alternative energy solution.

VINATech is maintaining investment plan at the beginning of the year even though COVID19 has brought about the global economic crisis. VINATech is aiming at environment-friendly future energy solution industry. Success or failure is acceptable, but we should not stop acting. Vinatech does not stop, but leap higher.

VINATech's culture is centered on people and people. The company grows only when the members grow, and the company grows only when the members are happy. CEO should become the example.ย 

Its corporate philosophy is that that companies should create good jobs and pay taxes honestly and return the remaining profits to the society that raised them.ย 

*Photo source: ISSUE MAKER, 2020.07.01ย 
*News source: ISSUE MAKER, 2020.07.01 (Excerpt partially rearranged)ย 

[About VINATech]

VINATech established in 1999 has developed and produced Ultracapacitor and Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly, and is equipped with smart factory based production facilities with the highest level of automation in order to ensure the highest quality level.ย 

For more information, please call +82 31 448 3066 or email hycap@vina.co.kr for ultracapacitor and fuelcell@vina.co.kr for fuel cell core components. Please check our web site for more information.ย ย 
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