VINATech secured the original technology for CNF from 2002

2019-07-10 [16:30]
The article is covering KC Tech Day for promoting Carbon and Hydrogen Fusion.

In the 1st section of domestic hydrogen technology research results, Vice President of VINATech, Mr. Han Gi, Jeong announced 'Characteristics and requirements of Carbon Support materials for Fuel Cells'.

VINATech, vice president of the company, said" VINATech secured the original technology for Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) through a variety of researches in 2002," and added, "We have a variety of carbon solutions such as carbon activation technology, shape control technology, hybridization technology, and metal catalyst impregnated technology."
Application fields of the VINATech carbon solution include CNF, Fuel Cell catalyst support, catalyst, the membrane electrode assembly(MEA), electrode material, and filter material.
KC Tech Day
In particular, VINATech is the world's only comprehensive producer of fuel cell catalyst support, catalyst, and MEA.
The CNF(Carbon Nano Fiber) of VINATech is divided into a platelet-type in which the graphene layer is arranged perpendicular to the fiber direction, a herringbone type in which the slope is laminated, and a tubular type in parallel with the fiber direction. It is a nano-sized carbon fiber (5 to 350 nm) and fiber type carbon having high crystallinity.

VINATech has shape control technology that increases crystallinity, aligns edges, and changes surface characteristics by making CNF surfaces physically and hot heat treatment, and composite technology that improves electrical conductivity, Heat Dissipation Characteristics, dispersibility, and specific surface area by combining single materials.
In this way, CNF of VINATech is excellent in corrosion resistance through edge alignment, dispersibility through changes in surface characteristics, electrical conductivity and heat dissipation characteristics through compounding.
Based on the patent of CNF material, VINATech produces fuel cell catalyst support, catalyst, and membrane electrode assembly(MEA).
A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. It is a power generation system that continuously generates energy when fuel is supplied and has characteristics of a generator and a battery. The fuel supplied is hydrogen and oxygen, and it is a clean energy source that emits only water by chemical reaction.
Fuel cells can be classified into two types depending on the type of electrolyte used: Proton Exchange Membrane FC(PEMFC), Direct Methanol FC(DMFC), Molten Carbonate FC(MCFC), Solid Oxide FC(SOFC). VINATech catalyst support, catalyst and MEA are suitable for PEMFC and DMFC.
In order to increase the catalytic performance of the fuel cell, small catalyst particles of 3 nm or less are required. Smaller particles cannot be formed by the catalyst alone, and small particles can be formed by dispersing the catalyst on the support. The VINATech fuel cell support is a CNF or crystalline carbon black product that minimizes catalyst lifetime shortening due to carbon corrosion.
Carbon is easily corroded by reaction with water and oxygen under the condition of 1.2V or more, and the corrosion of the carbon contained in the support leads to the reduction of catalyst performance and shortening of the life of the fuel cell.
The fuel cell catalyst uses platinum and is formed with particles of 2.5 to 3.0 nm, which has a wide reaction area and is resistant to corrosion and is suitable for improving fuel cell performance and maintaining the life.
MEA adopts electrode pore control technology of 100nm or less, and it is suitable for fuel cell performance enhancement and lifetime maintenance as well as product discharge of generated water.  
Source :  http://amenews.kr/news/view.php?idx=39784
Summarized and Edited by Leo Park (leopark@vina.co.kr)

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