2nd Special Lecture on ‘Humanities and Being a Poet’, Invited by VINATech

2020-02-10 [12:21]
Jeonju University professor Lee Kyung-jae (poet, child literature) held a lecture on humanities for Vinatech employees on Jan 22nd.
This special lecture was held under the theme of 'I'm a poet' in response to the company worker's desire to write a poem after listening to the lecture 'Humanities of Relationship with Poetry' last year. This time, Professor Lee emphasized that the material of poetry can be easily found in our daily life, and anyone can write poetry if they think differently with a little different point of view. One employee who listened to the lecture said, "I am interested in poetry and have confidence in writing poetry by writing parody poems."
Vinatech produces, manufactures and sells supercapacitors, fuel cells (catalysts and support), and deodorizing carbon filters, and holds monthly humanities lectures for the employees. Will lead to the series.



VINATech, established in 1999, has developed and produced SuperCapacitor and Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly and is equipped with smart factory-based production facilities with the highest level of automation in order to ensure the highest quality level. For more information, please call +82 31 448 3066 or email hycap@vina.co.kr for supercapacitor and fuelcell@vina.co.kr for fuel cell components, also you can check the web site.

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