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2020-01-21 [15:45]
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VINA Newsletter No.0005

VINATech Co.,Ltd
In New Year 2020, VINATech is continuously to ensure all the VINATech friends of prosperity and continued growth, and we much appreciate your continued support and love. VINATech is leading the technologies for producing environmentally friendly energy storage device and fuel cell core components in 2020. 

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VINATech welcomes you all to check our new web site of the new look and find out more information. Also, you can contact anytime even with using Facebook Messenger by mobile or PC Desktop. The inquiry you leave on our web site is automatically forwarded to VINATech's sales office and you will get to see our feedback within 24 hours. Hycap@vina.co.kr for SuperCapacitors and FuelCell@vina.co.kr for Membrane Electrode Assembly and Catalyst supports of fuel cell core components. 

VINATech R&D lab has developed the Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC series with much lower leakage current than LIC, a very high density product at 3.8v. Based on smart factory system of VINATech's standardized EDLC productions technologies,
VPC is compliant with RoHS, WEEE and REACH.
Please do not hesitate to contact us hycap@vina.co.kr and check web site. 


Upcoming Events in 2020
VINATech is to participate in the international exhibition during the first half of 2020 in Japan and India. At ENEX 2020 of Jan and Indian Utility Week of May, VINATech will promote Supercapacitors with VET EDLC Series of high humidity withstanding benefits and Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC
At Fuel Cell Expo 2020 of Feb, VINATech Fuel Cell Team is looking forward to meeting many new customers with promoting VINATech's key products of fuel cell core components of hydrogen fuel cell's Catalyst support, Platinum catalyst, and Membrane Electrode Assembly.


ENEX - Energy and Environment Exhibition 2020
When : 29-31 January 2020 
Where : Booth No. 1S-A16, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan 

Fuel Cell Expo, Int'l Smart Grid Expo 2020
When : 26-28 February 2020 
Where : Booth No. W 17-11, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan 

Indian Utility week 2020
When : 5-7 May 2020 
Where : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Delhi, India


VINATech headquarter and R&D Center located in production site of Jeonju in South Korea, and Vietnam factory is located in Bac ninh province nearby Hanoi. The technology VINATech own patented nanocomposite carbon materials is used as catalysts for the growing market for fuel cells and MEA (Membrane Electrode Assemblies) for PEMFC, DMFC, MCFC and SOFC. With 95% of G20 countries agreeing to reduce Carbon footprint and some to be neutral by 2050 the Fuel Cell technology will be a major contributor to these ambitious targets. 

Social Media
VINATech has engaged more into marketing activities with changes to web site improvement and promoting our supercapacitor introduction. Please subscribe our YouTube and VINATech uploaded official YouTube Channel introduction and also interesting company activities. You will get to learn more through our social media. The new social media of SINA Blog and Wechat official account is also open and chat with us anytime as VINATech is open for everyone.

Check out the short YouTube video of VINATech and Supercapacitor.
VINATech's Official YouTube Chanel :  Subscribe VINATech 

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