EUW 2019 booth just closed

2019-11-21 [14:30]
In Paris, France, VINATech just closed the booth at European Utility Week 2019

Thanks, everyone who visited us.  Looking forward to seeing you again!

You can check more good pictures in our Facebook page:

Website : vina.co.kr
Facebook page :  http://www.facebook.com/supercapacitorvina
Slides URL  : bit.ly/VINATechEUW
VINATech is the leading and comprehensive provider of fuel cell solution.
VINATech provides Catalyst Support, Pt/C Catalyst, and MEA and secured the carbon nanofiber(CNF) technology from 2002.
Please contact Carbon @vina.co.kr for more details.

VINATech, market-leading supercapacitor manufacturer.
VET 2.7V Supercapacitor for high-temperature usage
VPC 3.8V Hybrid Lithium Capacitor
NEO series of 2.7V and 3.0V supercapacitor as anti-wetting technology solution
All are invented by the very best VINATech own R&D Lab
Email Hycap @vina.co.kr for more information.
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