VINATech launch a new ground breaking range of 85c Supercapacitor

2019-11-08 [17:39]
Meet VINATech and Supercapacitor of the NEO VET Series
at EUW in Paris 2019
VINATech launch a new ground breaking range of 85c Supercapacitors

[Picture: VINATech International Exhibition last year]
This is probably the first genuine +85c Supercapacitors series that has been longed for by Engineers from all Industry sectors across the globe wanting a genuine +85c range. The limitation to higher temperatures has in the past been the Electrolyte used by Supercapacitor Manufacturers but now the R&D Team at VINATech have developed a new supercapacitor solution of NEO VET Series which will be particularly ideal for all IoT and AMI applications.

Until recently, managing high temperatures was managed by de-rating actual working voltage of standard +65c Supercapacitor types, however the new VET series of Supercapacitor uses VINATech’s patented Anti Wetting technology to enable a robust life time at 85c of 1000hours in 85% relative humidity at a full 2.7v dc working voltage. The new VET series of supercapacitor also boasts significant Leakage current improvements, ESR stability over time and Capacitance performance when compared to other de-rated 85c types on the market to date. Expected life time of 500,000 full charge and discharge cycles can be expected
Humidity challenges will also be reduced as supercapacitor, the VET series of supercapacitor utilises benefits from the Anti Wetting technology and can withstand higher than average Humidity levels.
VET series of +85c Single cell 2.7v Supercapacitors
5.4v Supercapacitors 2series modules
Launched in Paris this week.

The VET series provides a range of Capacitance from 3.3Farad to 15 Farad at 2.7v and also 2 series supercapacitor modules will be launched imminently. Supercapacitor Samples are now available and Mass Production starts in Q2 2020

Please contact VINATech or your local partner for more information about Supercapacitor

About VINATech Formed in S.Korea in 1999 a market leader in the development and production of SuperCapacitors and Fuel Cell materials, they are stock market listed, employing 500 staff in 2 main sites with the very highest level of automation ensuring the highest quality levels in the Industry. For more details please contact Mikec@vina,co.kr Tel +44 2032900378 or Heidi@vina.co.kr
Web site www.vina.co.kr

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