[VINA Newsletter]Having troubles to find Coin Cell supercapacitors?

2019-10-10 [13:56]
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Chu-Seok, Korean Traditional Thanksgiving Day on Sep 13th, and Oct 9th, Korean Alphabet, Hangul Day was public holiday. VINATech office open and for any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d like to hear the voice of customers and please kindly take some time for Survey Form. We are here to ensure all the VINATech friends of continued growth and we thank you for your continued support. 
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VINATech’s Certification

VINATech ISO 14001, the international standard of the Environmental Management System has been renewed and valid from July 2, 2019, to July 1, 2022, and we are pleased to receive this renewed certification. Please do request a copy of the new certification for sales manager of your region or you may check our website

Having troubles to find Coin Cell supercapacitors?
“All good things come to an end” is a famous saying and no truer than with this very long-established Coin Cell Technology. For over 30 years Coin Cells or better known as Gold Caps have been the best product for Memory back up applications but “the show is coming to an end” as former Manufacturers are starting to stop production.
So, what can take over from these? How about the VINATech 6volt modules? Many benefits to this fast-growing product

- Similar size
- Better Voltage 6v vs 5.5v
- ESR improvements  >100%
- Great Pulse Management
- Wider temperature range
- Longer life
- Mass Production and growing
Call(+82-31-448-3066) or email(hycap@vina.co.kr) VINA sales team for our suggested product for your application

Upcoming Exhibitions 2019
At Flash Memory Summit, Aug 5 to 8 Santa Clara, it was a great chance to meet face to face with our good partners and new friends. You can find more news on the website VINA News and our Facebook post.

This November, the European Utility Week 2019 on November 12 to 14 is the next platform to promote VINATech supercapacitors and fuel cell materials in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France, where we hope to launch two new product lines. VINATech the market-leading Super Capacitor manufacturer promoted their new range of patented nanocomposite carbon materials from their newly built production site of Jeonju in South Korea. This technology is used as catalysts for the growing market for fuel cells and MEA (Membrane Electrode Assemblies) for PEMFC, DMFC, MCFC and SOFC. With 95% of G20 countries agreeing to reduce Carbon footprint and some to be neutral by 2050 the Fuel Cell technology will be a major contributor to these ambitious targets.
See our products at the following events.
European Utility Week 2019
When : 12-14 November 2019 
Where : Booth No. B116, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
Visit Website
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