Vinatech Wanju Factory

2021-10-21 [17:01]

Vinatech plans to invest USD80 million dollars by 2024, by carrying out the construction of the plant on 58,494 square meters of the second general industrial complex in Wanju Techno Valley.

▶ Plant No.1(7,173.5㎡): Carbon Support & MEA Mass Production [Completed_22.01.30] 
▶ Plant No.2(6,611.5
): VPC, LIC Mass Production (Expected) / [Break Ground: 22.02.01~ Completed: 22.07.30]      
▶ Building on Reliability(991.7
): [Break Ground_22.02.01, Completed_22.07.30]
▶ Office Building(991.7
x  Three-Story): 1st Floor-Lobby(Showroom), Restaurant / 2nd Floor-Office, Meeting Room, Situation Room (IT) / 3rd Floor-Multipurpose Hall, CEO Room, Office [Break Ground_22.03.01, Completed_22.07.30]
▶ Dormitory(661.1
x  Five-Story): 1st Floor-Welfare Facilities / 2nd ~ 5th Floor-Dormitory (Can accommodate 100 people)/ [Break Ground_22.08.01, Completed_22.12.30]
▶ Plant No.3(5,619.8
): Fuel Cell Component Mass Production, Break Ground 2023(Expected)                                
▶ Plant No.4(4,297.5
): LIC & Module Mass Production, Break Ground_2024(Expected)                            

 The second plant in Wanju plans to produce hydrogen fuel cells that are drawing attention as eco-friendly products with Supercapacitor, and its target production capacity is annually 1.3 million MEA and 3 tons of carbon support.
Vinatech has four overseas branches, including the U.S. and Europe, and 25 global networks, and operates domestic and Japanese institutes and factories in Korea and Vietnam.
Vinatech is currently in project discussions with a number of major domestic and foreign hydrogen fuel cell customers, and targeting a global company in various application markets such as hydrogen cars, building hydrogen fuel cells, and mobility for hydrogen fuel cells.

VINATech Co., Ltd.
Phone: +82 31 448 3066/ E-mail: hycap@vina.co.kr
Office: AcroTower B-607, Simindae-ro 230, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 14067, Korea
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