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2019-04-29 [18:02]
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Lamborghini LB48H, supercapacitors glow in the dark

It is always interesting to keep eyes on about a concept car, and Lamborghini once announced that Aventador successor is to use supercapacitor instead of batteries and its hypercar codenamed LB48H. This model is its first hybrid supercar and will feature an electric motor. Lamborghini uses a supercapacitor in a supercar for the starter battery for the first time. The hypercar will use supercapacitors(Ultracapacitor, or so-called Electric Double Layer Capacitor) instead of batteries, providing a lightweight solution. The all-electric Terzo Millennio employed nascent supercapacitor tech Lamborghini has been developing. According to Associate professor Mircea Dincă, of chemistry at MIT, leading a team that created a supercapacitor without graphitic carbon based on metal organic frameworks (MOF), a new kind of supercapacitor made without carbon, on the other hand most of the supercapacitors raw material based on activated carbon. But according to MIT News articles in 2016, MOFs have a major drawback for such applications: They are not very electrically conductive, which is also an essential property for a material used in a capacitor. “One of our long-term goals was to make these materials electrically conductive,” Dincă says.

This is in line with the application of low voltage supercapacitors in the V12 Aventador, which started seven years ago. The next logical step is the development of a storage system able to deliver high peak power and regenerate kinetic energy with very limited influence from ageing and cycling during the vehicle’s life, and with the ability to symmetrically release and harvest electric power. Thus, the collaboration with Prof. Mircea Dinca is aiming to overcome the limits of today’s technology and close the gap on conventional batteries’ energy density while preserving the high power, symmetrical behaviour and the very long lifecycle related to supercapacitor technology. Lamborghini's said to have shown the LB48H to prospective buyers in June. We should see the real thing and its possibly glowing carbon fiber soon.

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