International conference of EV battery safety, held in Jeju, 40 experts from 7 countries

2019-09-03 [17:32]
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'International standardization conference of EV battery safety' held in Jeju,
 40 experts from 7 countries
Korean Agency for Technology and Standards(KATS) announced that an international standardization conference was held to enhance the safety of EV batteries, with 40 EV battery experts from seven countries attending Jeju from March 5th to 8th 2019.

With the recent increase in the spread of electric vehicles, measures to strengthen the safety of batteries are required in international standards for the safety of electric vehicle users.

Discussion about the revision of international standards on the standards and evaluation methods for strengthening EV battery safety is just started in order to reflect our technology and share the international standardization trend with related companies

The meeting discussed the criteria and evaluation methods that can delay the transfer and diffusion of heat so that a person can escape from the car within a reasonable time if a lithium-ion battery mounted on an electric vehicle is ignited due to an accident.

Global battery and automobile companies will gather together to develop a plan to simulate heat transfer and diffusion of battery packs and cells and to prepare safety standards and evaluation methods by 2020.

Battery companies including LG Chem, Samsung SDI, SK Innovation, GSYUASA (Japan), CATL(China), and Carmakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Renault, Toyota and Honda attended to discuss the revision of the two international standards.

LG Chem, Samsung SDI, SK Innovation, Korea Automotive Technology Institute(KATECH) and Battery Association participated in the presentation of reproducible battery safety test and evaluation methods and decided to submit it as an international standard at the next meeting held on November 2019.

If the battery safety test method is additionally reflected in international standards, led by Korean companies, the product competitiveness of domestic batteries, the safety and reliability of electric vehicles will also be enhanced, so that people can use electric vehicles more safely.

KATS organizes and operates standards councils with automobile companies, battery companies, research institutes and the Korean Battery Association to reflect the opinions of our industry in discussing international standards, and actively supports the international standardization activities of the electric vehicle battery industry. KATS plans continue to support the competitiveness and safety discussion for the EV battery industry.

Source : Korea Daily Environment by Jeong Yun, Lee (Mar, 11th 2019).
Translated and summarized by Heidi Kim, e-marketing manager

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