Are you having problems to find Coin Cell Super Capacitors?

2019-09-02 [13:35]
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“All good things come to an end” is a famous saying and no truer than with this very long-established Coin Cell Technology. For over 30 years Coin Cells or better known as Gold Caps have been the best product for Memory back up applications but “the show is coming to an end” as former Manufacturers are starting to stop production.
So, what can take over from these?  How about the VINATech 6volt modules? Many benefits to this fast-growing product.

- Similar size
- Better Voltage 6v  vs 5.5v
- ESR improvements  >100%
- Great Pulse Management
- Wider temperature range
- Longer life
- Mass Production and growing

Call or email the sales team for our suggested product for your application. hycap@vina.co.kr
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