Hydrogen Economy Law and Infrastructure Required for Revitalization in Korea

2019-08-14 [09:43]
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President Moon Jae-in and the government made ‘Hydrogen Economy Roadmap’ in public in Jan. In the city of Ulsan, for Ulsan is the city known for the systematic automotive supply chain. The magazine, Monthly Hydrogen Economy(H2news) of South Korea survey results about hydrogen energy policy roadmap and summaries are as followed. 
The biggest issue in the first half of 2019 is the hydrogen economy revitalization roadmap, and it ranked first. The most common opinion was the proliferation of hydrogen refuelling stations and differentiation of installation and new operation subsidies.
Many commented that it is required to enhance support for economic feasibility, and mandate air pipes and new buildings related to fuel cells policy. Some say to strengthen government R&D verification and to increase the budget in production, storage and transportation.
In order to create a hydrogen city successfully, the social acceptance of hydrogen technologies is considered as important. The announcement of the hydrogen the technology development roadmap is the most anticipated Korean government policy in the second half of this year. Even if the regime changes in order to promote the hydrogen economy successfully, government policy should be consistent.

Source:  http://www.h2news.kr/news/article.html?no=7737

Edited and Summarized by Heidi Kim(e-marketing manager, heidi@vina.co.kr)

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