Ultracapacitor Market Growth Expected 2020-2040

2020-03-26 [14:15]
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Ultracapacitor market trends 2020-2040

Ultracapacitor market will generate more potential growth in relation to hybrid cars and especially from 2020 to 2030. Last ten years ultracapacitors widely applied in the vehicles including rail, bus and truck. Energy trend has been prone not to waste electricity and energy resources, therefore it has resulted in the increased demand for non-toxic materials such as supercapacitors with electrodes based on activated carbon. While it shed spotlights on electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles compared with traditional vehicles because of global regulations and rising concerns about carbon dioxide emission. Furthermore, solar plant has installed world wide, exceeding wind power plant among the renewable energy power plant and the solar inverter has used ultracapacitors


Ultracapacitor replace or assist battery applications

However, the battery manufacturing process consists, not surprisingly, over half of carbon dioxide emissions among the whole process of electric vehicles. Energy intensive battery technologies have brought more attention to the ultracapacitor technologies, therefore the ultracapacitor is replacing batteries or assisting the existing battery applications. Ultracapacitors are known for their excellent performance under low temperature condition e.g. -25℃ at the lowest limit, whereas lithium ion batteries can’t work at the temperature range. Needless to say the lithium, cobalt, nickel can bring shortage globally as the demand increases. Tesla bought Maxwell technologies with Elon musk’s study and academic background of ultracapacitors technologies, and multinational companies related with electronic parts have entered ultracapacitor business as they foresee over 10% growth in each market sectors upcoming ten years.(Source: Ultracapacitors market 2020 to 2040, IDTechEX.com)

Ultracapacitor application

Ultracapacitors applications

Ultracapacitors have been applied due to excellent power densities and cycling characteristics as the energy storage system in a regenerative braking system which can convert kinetic energy to electric energy when the vehicle shaking and braking occurs.(Source: Regenerative Braking System in VINATech FAQ No. 15) It requires more energy saving system of more products and appliances to add electronic functions such as start-stop and internet-of-things technologies, thus ultracapacitors have played roles such as energy, assist power back up and pulse power. (Source: VINATech Application)

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