How to make a Supercapacitor?

2020-02-21 [15:01]
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How to make a Supercapacitor?​


Definition of Supercapacitor

A Super-Capacitor, also known as an Ultra-Capacitor or an Electric Double Layer Capacitor, an energy-saving device that rapidly stores energy and supplies a substantial amount of current rapidly or continuously.

Activated Carbon technology creates the characteristics that absorb or separates electric charges which are fundamental to the Supercapacitor.
Since a supercapacitor has much lower internal resistance (ESR) compared to battery technology, it can supply greater output power. Also operating over wider temperature ranges with much longer lifetime(500,000+ cycles) than a battery.

Image : Hy-Cap 3V supercapacitor(Link), VINATech

Supercapacitor Application

Supercapacitor is used for various applications ranging from electronic equipment that need quick charging and discharging to energy-saving applications in industries where a battery can be replaced with or used together with a supercapacitor.
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How to make a supercapacitor

Here’s how to make a supercapacitor. You can make these at home with aluminium foil and other materials found on the internet, it could be fun but not efficient or cost effective as the VINATech way. After 20 years of continual improvement and development, we fully understand the production process for mass production of the highest quality electric double layer capacitors. 
We would like to share with you today how we make supercapacitors at VINATech, the very best way to make supercapacitors in the world. There are basically 5 stages to make supercapacitors; Electrode, Winding, Drying, Sleeving, and Inspection & Test. 
Let’s start from the process of Electrode which is the core part of supercapacitor(EDLC). The characteristics of supercapacitors depend on the quality of Electrode. VINATech makes high importance on producing the very best Electrode with it’s the very unique techniques. This guarantees the quality of our Electrode, following four key steps which include Mixing, Coating, Rolling and Pressing and followed by Slitting.
Supercapacitor electrode - slitting process
Image : Electrtode Slitting process of supercapacitor manufacturing in VINATech 

Mixing is to make a ‘Slurry’ which is a liquid with viscosity, and Hy-cap supercapacitor by VINATech uses the very best activated carbon and materials to guarantee the quality.  
Coating is the process for coating Electrode on separators after Mixing process. 
Roll Press after Coating is the process with pressing the Coated Electrode and Aluminum foil with high temperature and pressure.
Slitting process is to cut the Electrode into certain width, size by size, and its output will be ready for next assembly process.

Following the Electrode production remove to another key stage, the Winding process which is important for supercapacitors to have supercapacitors shaped, and the previous steps before Winding then Striping and Stitching. VINATech uses the very latest automated process to ensure the very highest consistency.
Striping secures space for lead terminals by stripping off very small part of coating electrode.
Stitching is to fix lead terminals on the place where striping process is done, which polarize the shorter lead terminals into cathode and the longer lead into anode.
Winding, the process of combining the anode and cathode electrode and separator together. After that, the supercapacitor can have a radial or so-called cylinder shaped electric double layer capacitor.

Thirdly, the next process is to control and reduce the impact of moisture caused by the external environment which can later work against the ultracapacitor. VINATech has four steps to reach the stage of perfection such as Vacuum dry, Sealing pad assembly, Electrolyte filling, and Curling.
Drying process is in a vacuum oven for a selected time, which is proven to be most effective. Electrolyte filling is injecting electrolyte into assembled products. Aluminium can assembly process and Curling are the processes which follow, again using the latest automated processes, as developed by VINATech’s own technology base, sealing a electrolyte filling finished product in an aluminum case with rubber bung.
Fourth, is the Sleeving, with heat shrinkable tube. And then the test and Inspection Check-up.  

Assembly process of supercapacitor
Image : Aluminum Can Assembly Process of Supercapacitor manufacturing, VINATech 


With all above process work the VINATech ultracapacitor is ready to ship out to satisfy Customer needs. Thoroughly proved to be effective is the VINATech’s own technology based process, and it makes VINATech the world leading supercapacitor manufacturer and chosen by world best clients. Customers are the very reason for VINATech. We, VINATECH, always keep our eyes open with working on research and innovation to make world best supercapacitor.


About VINATech 

Formed in S.Korea in 1999 a market leader in the development and production of Super Capacitors and Fuel Cell materials, they are stock market listed, with the very highest level of automation ensuring the highest quality levels in the Industry.
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