Hydrogen economy roadmap Analysis by Ministry of Trade

2020-02-13 [12:13]
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  • 2019 Achievements from Hydrogen revitalization Roadmap by Government
  • SK E&C and Bloom JV Reach 400MW of annual fuel cell production
  • Fuel Cell Expo at Tokyo Big sight, and Domestic Forum of Fuel cell vehicles thinking Future generations’ vehicles.

Hydrogen revitalization Roadmap by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced “Achievement of remarkable initial results for the first year of hydrogen economy” in Korea.
  1. No. 1 World Hydrogen car sales with the largest fuel cell market
  2. Hydrogen Fuelling stations built the most in 2019 compared to the previous year
  3. Preoccupying global hydrogen economy market  
Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Yun-mo Sung visited GPhilos, a small and medium-sized manufacturer for Power to Gas system on January to encourage the hydrogen economy and held a round-table conference. The renewable energy-related hydrolysis system is a key technology for realizing a clean and sustainable hydrogen economy by producing the Hydrogen without carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.

Achievement of the 1st year, Hydrogen Economy roadmap 
Hydrogen fusion alliance promotion team, Gas Corp, Gas Safety Corp, and Korea Energy Management Corp, hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilization, and related companies attended the event. In the result of focusing to achieve the Jump-up vision of world No 1 Hydrogen Economy leading country according to the hydrogen roadmap during the year, the year 2019 was evaluated as the 1st step of launching the initial hydrogen market and industry infrastructure.

Six Follow-up measures have been taken in 2019 by many teams about various issues including 370 billion won(Appr.$310M) of Supplementary budget, focussed to establish core technology development and infrastructure supply expansion.


Key measures for Hydrogen economy 2019
  • Standardization for Hydrogen technologies
  • Fuelling stations supply
  • Future Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle strategy and R&D Roadmap
  • Hydrogen Pilot city and Safety management 
Hyundai Motors became World No.1 of Hydrogen Vehicles Sales surpassing Japan, Hyundai sold over three thousand cars while Toyota and Honda recorded two thousand and below three hundred respectively. Accumulated exports over one thousand and seven hundred expanded new market area, to the European market and across the ocean.

In particular, the contract of over thousand 10 ton Hydrogen-powered truck has made with Swiss customer and will start shipping from 2020, the Hydrogen-powered truck has been awarded Innovation award of International Truck of the Year 2020. Domestic supply increased and recorded five thousand vehicle sales, 6 times growth compared to the previous year. Therefore the accumulated hydrogen powered vehicle sales recorded over five thousand cars. From this Sept, ten Hydrogen fuelled taxi drove average thirty thousand kilometres more and around twenty-two thousand passengers got a ride. Thirteen hydrogen fuel cell bus supplied, so old police bus was replaced to hydrogen power bus, which took the lead from public transportation to create more needs. Ministry of Industry and Environment and National Police Agency made MOU with Hyundai Motors since Oct 2019, and the contract will cover the time period of the year 2028 of over eight hundred vehicles.

South Korea built twenty Hydrogen fuelling stations of core infrastructure in 2019 and the highest increase compared with other countries. Total 34 Hydrogen fuelling stations are twice more than the previous year in order to satisfy users convenience. Hydrogen Energy Network with thirteen parties including Korean Gas Corporation and Hyundai Motors is developed to accelerate the fuelling station development.

Korea occupied 40% global fuel cell power plant supplies
Korea occupied 40% global fuel cell power plant supplies and 408MW, 382MW, 245MW respectively recorded for Korea, USA and Japan. Hydrogen fuel cell power plant 328MW developed for generating electricities and accumulative 11MW for housing and enterprise use in 2019. 20MW fuel cells at the Connecticut data centre will be built by Doosan fuel cell. Korean Government will revitalize the hydrogen economy based on the previously mentioned promotion project’s achievement. Therefore the Hydrogen economy of scale will secure sustainable growth in the market in order to support and expand the initial supply of hydrogen power vehicles, fuel cells, and Hydrogen fueling stations. More key components should be produced with domestic players related with hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, fuel cell, and fueling stations. It will result in an efficient and systematic supply chain. In order to increase profit from Green Hydrogen, officially promote the water electrolysis research and development and cooperate internationally with Australia and UAE.(Souce : Ministry of Industry Jan 2020) 

Bloom SK E&C JV Reach 400MW Annual Fuel Cell production

Bloom SK Fuel Cell LLC is a joint venture, with a 49% stake in SK E&C and Bloom. It is the first fuel cell production by a domestic construction company and plans to build and operate a power plant. It plans to expand domestic production facilities for fuel cells from 50MW annually to 400MW in the Gumi plant in Gyeongbuk.

Fuel cells are classified according to the electrolyte used and the time it takes to start (startup time). Starting time is 1 second (Polymer electrolyte fuel cell, PEMFC) to 10 minutes solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Solid oxide fuel cells use a solid oxide that can permeate oxygen or hydrogen ions as an electrolyte. It is a fuel cell that operates at the highest temperature (700 ~ 1000 ℃) at present. The components are all solid and have a simple structure compared to other fuel cells, and are also referred to as 3rd generation fuel cells because they have no problem of electrolyte loss, replenishment and corrosion.(Source: TheBell.co.kr Feb 2020)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expo and Conference about Trend of Fuel cell vehicles, thinking Future generation vehicles.

In order to lead the era of future vehicle, domestic and global companies are holding expo and conference to discuss the development of technology. The 8th Automotive Industry Development Forum was held under the theme of “Development Strategy of Korea's Automotive Industry”.

In the presentation, labour in the Fourth Industrial Revolution said that based on data technology development, major changes are taken places, such as new Taylorism, transitioning to temporary jobs of regular jobs, and the emergence of platform and gig labour. Followingly, Government's efforts are focused in response to the future of the automobile and regulation of greenhouse gases and the purchase of subsidies, tax support, and charging infrastructure for the supply of electric cars. However, consumers’ decision making based more on maintenance costs, ease of use and psychological satisfaction.

Consumers choice vs Governments drive
Domestic electric cars are more than 10 million won expensive even if they receive subsidies from local governments, compared to semi-mid-sized gasoline internal combustion engine cars of the same class, because battery prices are a problem. The government focus and consumers’ mechanism isn’t going in the same direction.

FC Expo held in World Smart Energy Week, Feb 2020
The 16th International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo, the world's largest exhibition for hydrogen fuel cells, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan for 26 days from February 26 to 28. 310 companies will participate and will be held within World Smart Energy Week. Total 1,520 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors from 75 countries are expected, including other exhibitions.

VINATech participate in FC Expo 2020, Tokyo Big Sight
VINATech Co., Ltd also will participate FC Expo in Tokyo Big Sight, Japan from Feb 26 to 28 and looking forward to meeting industries and the potential opportunities to discuss business about Carbon support, catalyst and MEA based on VINATech's manufactured with its own CNF, Carbon control and complexation technologies.

Fuel Cell Expo, the latest technologies for hydrogen energy infrastructure such as hydrogen production and charging equipment and mobile hydrogen charging facilities are exhibited related to realizing the hydrogen society. Hyundai Motors will showcase the technologies of hydrogen and fuel cells and a test ride of NEXO. (Source: Cartvnews.com Jan 2020) 

More VINATech's 2020 Exhibition >> Press (Link)

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