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2019-11-22 [12:35]
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"This is the first time to see a company with so many patents"

Saying every time new visitors come to VINATech seeing the patent on the wall of headquarter building, and VINATech has 232 patent applications at home and abroad.

One day, a power company building a solar power plant in a Desert, contacted to request about 9 billion won value of Supercapacitor order and VINATech were able to announce VINATech technology developed Hy-Cap Supercapacitor for the first time in the world.

In recent years, there are many major VINATech customers worldwide and exporting countries has been diversified to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, China, Vietnam, India and Hong Kong.

VINATech has grown to become a global company, exporting 90% of VINATech's sales.

VINATech offers fuel cell core component solutions from supports, catalyst supports and MEA-Membrane Electrode Assembly. VINATech secured carbon nanofiber technologies since 2002. Please email FuelCell@vina.co.kr for more info.

VINATech is also a market-leading supercapacitor manufacturer and owns technologies of EDLC VET 2.7V Supercapacitor for high temperature, Hybrid Lithium Capacitor VPC 3.8V Series, NEO series of 2.7V and 3.0V supercapacitor.
All are developed by VINATech's own R & D lab.
 Hycap@vina.co.kr or Call +82-31-448-3066 for more info.


Source: Sep 19, 2019 from Blog of Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups

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