Mercedes Benz, Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV with Battery

2019-11-05 [14:37]
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High performance and Low cost by 90% reduction in fuel cell platinum catalyst

Hydrogen Electric vehicle ‘GLC F-CELL’ (hydrogen fuel news)

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the next generation hybrid hydrogen electric vehicle, the GLC F-CELL, powered by battery and fuel cell.
 According to Hydrogen Fuel News, the hybrid hydrogen electric vehicle, the GLC F-CELL, unveiled by Mercedes-Benz, has four operation modes : hybrid, Fuel Cell, battery and Charging.
In hybrid mode, the car is powered by both battery and hydrogen fuel cell.  In F-Cell mode, only hydrogen fuel cell is consumed. In battery mode, the vehicle can move by using only an electric high voltage battery. In charging mode, high-voltage battery charging is prioritized. 
GLC F-CELL has a compact fuel cell system. The entire system fits into the engine compartment and is installed at the same mounting place as the existing car engine.
 In addition, the platinum catalyst is used in fuel cells, but the amount of platinum is reduced by 90% compared to the previous GLC F-CELL model, maintaining high performance and reducing system costs.
400 km of hydrogen-based operation based on European fuel economy

The car consumes 1 kg of hydrogen per 100 km. The fuel efficiency of hydrogen mode achieved about 400 km based on European fuel economy. A Mercedes-Benz official said, "The GLC F-CELL can run up to 50 km on a fully charged battery when in hybrid mode." The tank, wrapped in two carbon fibers embedded in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle floor, holds about 4.4 kg of hydrogen. Thanks to the globally standardized 700 bar tank technology, the hydrogen fuel cell supply can be replenished in 3 minutes. This is almost the same time takes to fuel the hydrogen fuel cell car with internal combustion engine. The hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is powered by an asynchronous machine with output of 155 kW (211 PS) and a torque of 365 Nm. The electric drive doesn’t require propeller shaft, so there’s room for one of the two hydrogen tanks, and the second tank is installed under the rear seat bench.
Marketing in the metropolitan regions equipped with Hydrogen filling stations
In view of the new technology and the fact that the hydrogen filling station network has only just started to expand, the market launch of the GLC F-CELL is taking place in selected metropolitan regions. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz launched the GLC F-CELL as a police vehicle in Germany. Especially the cities well equipped with hydrogen filling stations, such as Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne.
The car is reported to be available only in a full-service rental model. This includes a comprehensive warranty package that includes all maintenance, repair and the entire rental periods. Daimler plans to launch the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL in Japan, another country with well equipped with hydrogen refueling stations.

Translated and summarized by Heidi Kim, VINATech e-marketing manager
Source : 
1.Oct 31, 2019 by H2news.kr Edition Team
2. mercedes-benz.com/en/vehicles/passenger-cars/glc/the-new-glc-f-cell/  by Mercedes-Benz

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