World's BEST Supercap Module Technology: Interview with VINATech

2022-10-25 [10:13]
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VINATech has opened its plans to transform the future eco-friendly energy markets of urban mobility, smart grid, and logistics by developing the world's best supercapacitor modules (packs) technology.

VINATech has been working with some of the world's biggest technological giants to develop the ultimate supercapacitor pack solutions which include the world's most cutting-edge software and hardware systems such as Supercapacitor Cell Management and Control Systems applicable for hundreds of thousands of supercapacitor cells.

Having the 1st comer's advantage, VINATech has already started testing its new supercapacitor module technology systems in fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, FR ESS systems, AGVs, etc., collaborating with the world's biggest companies with the mission to lead our world towards a safe and eco-friendly future.

Watch our new video to find out what makes VINATech SUpercapacitor Modules so special!

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