Samsung Opened the License of Its New Eco Remote Which Uses VINATech Hybrid Supercapacitor

2022-09-07 [17:41]
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Source: www.samsung.com
Picture 1 - Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President for Samsung Europe, delivering an opening speech at the IFA 2022 press conference

At the IFA 2022, Europe's largest home appliance exhibition held in Berlin, Germany, Samsung Electronics announced that it has opened the license of Its Eco-Friendly Solar Cell Remote Which Uses VINTATech’s Hybrid Supercapacitors.
The technical disclosure will let companies all around the world utilize the power of the most cutting-edge technology and get rid of batteries in all remote controls using VINATech’s Hybrid Supercapacitor which is considered to be the number one eco-friendly alternative to batteries.
On its website, Samsung Electronics has already announced its goal to ”Expand eco-friendly solar cell remote control that is charged with signals from solar power, indoor lighting, and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi routers and open related licenses “.
 Earlier the company also announced that it will include the Solar Cell Remote in more of its products, with a goal of eliminating over 200 million batteries from landfills all around the world. In other words, VINATech’s Hybrid Supercapacitor has the potential to help the world get rid of millions of batteries and create an eco-friendly future for our planet.

In the picture below, you can see how VINATech’s Hybrid Supercapacitor called VPC (Vina Pulse Capacitor) is used as the main part of the energy equation. 

Source: https://solarcellremote.samsung.com/
Picture 2 – Eco-Friendly Remote Control Technology Configuration

If you are considering applying for Samsung’s free open license, please register on the page below:
With the Samsung’ New Eco Remote open license, companies all around the world will be able to produce remote controls utilizing VINATech’s VPC to get rid of batteries. This will help to eliminate millions of batteries from our planet and help create a sustainable future.

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