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2019-04-10 [14:18]
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India, like many growing countries, currently does not have a special advantage in the Automotive battery industry, despite having a market potential of over 4 million passenger cars, that can be a suitable market for clean energy like fuel cell automobiles because battery manufacturing is concentrated outside of India and thus has financial implications when importing batteries to produce battery cars.
A fuel cell vehicle can be defined as a vehicle that uses fuel cells to power an electric drive system. And Hybrid Vehicles are fitted with a fuel cell and a battery or a fuel cell and an ultracapacitor (supercapacitor, electric double layer capacitor). And VINATech is one of the leading supercapacitor manufacturers with a growing portfolio of activated carbon solutions and invested in more product lines of Fuel Cell Supporter and MEA(membrane electrode assembly).
Nowadays manufacturers like Hyundai NexSo, Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle have already started mass production of SUVs and passenger cars. The others Major automakers such as BMW ,Daimler and Audi along with other European and American producers announced plans to release Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) including BMW i8 and Audi A7. On the other hand, the hydrogen fuel cell boom will be having turning point in the beginning of the 21st century.
Here's the types of fuel cells. Fuel cells are categorised according to their type of electrolyte, since it is the property-determining component. The six main types of fuel cells are outlined as the image.

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