Gigantic emergence of Supercapacitor

2019-06-17 [10:55]
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Here explains why the supercapacitor market is remarkably interested by many key players in energy related and oriented firms in the world.

According to IDTechEx report, a world leading marketing research company, they explain if only a few percent of 48V mild hybrids have adopts such supercapacitor/ultracapacitor peak shaving in ten years till 2030 with a growth rate of over $0.5 billion yearly.
Have you been curious why Tesla bought Maxwell Technologies without any hesitance? Did you know the supercapacitor/ultracapacitor market will be a $1.5 billion in 2030? For more information, please either visit vina.co.kr or click on the link below.

You can find how the small but strong supercapacitor will be applied in many different filed such as automotive, trains, boat, et cetra. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/idtechex-research-discusses-supercapacitor-turnaround-151400537.html

VINATech website : vina.co.kr
Please visit our website or call the sales office(+82-31-448-3066) for more information.
VINATech is the leading supercapacitor(Hy-Cap, Electric Double-Layer Capacitor, EDLC) manufacturer and providing fuel cell solution, catalyst, support, and MEA.
Neo series is re-invented by the very best VINATech research and development team, with applying anti-wetting technology.

Inquiry about ultracapacitor (supercapacitor), please contact hycap@vina.co.kr.
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You've got any other questions, please feel free to reach us.
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