[Report Update]Massive Growth expected in supercapacitor market

2019-06-03 [13:54]
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Massive Growth expected in supercapacitor market
The report is about supercapacitor (Electric Double-Layer Capacitor, EDLC & Pseudo Capacitor) market trends and major players including VINATech. Some of leading competitors or manufacturers incorporated in the study are VINATech, Maxwell, Panasonic, NEC TOKIN and etc.

Application including Energy Storage, Power System, Electronic Device, and this report is classified by key Regions North America, China, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia & India with Production Development, Sales, and Regional Trade & Forecast. It also covers the supercapacitor market competition by suppliers from raw material, suppliers, manufacturing cost structure, manufacturing process, industry chain structure and so on.
For detailed information, you can check the reference link in below.
Reference : Massive growth in Liquid Electrolyte Supercapacitor Market with Sales, Demand, Consumption and strategies 2025 By Thomas Wagner

VINATech website : vina.co.kr
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VINATech is the marketing leading supercapacitor(Hy-Cap, Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) manufacturers and providing fuel cell solution. NEO Hy-Cap supercapacitor is re-invented by the very best VINATech Research and development teams as the solution of anti-wetting technology. 

Inquiry about ultracapacitor (supercapacitor) hycap@vina.co.kr 
Fuel cell material solution Carbon@vina.co.kr
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Electric double layer capacitor, MEA, Fuel Cell Catalyst is our key products. EDLC(Electric Double Layer Capacitor) is more energy density than capacitors, contact for the questions about Battery VS Supercapacitor and et cetra.
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