How to make MEA for Fuel Cell?

2020-02-24 [11:09]
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How to make MEA, PEMFC-MEA and DMFC-MEA?

Fuel Cells are a growing source of green energy generation and VINATech is a leader in the development of this emerging and environmentally friendly energy technology. Here we explain how to make  VINATech MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly) for PEMFC(Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell) and DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly).

PEMFC MEA process


A brief overview of how we make PEMFC-MEA, or PEM MEAs, so-called, Membrane Electrode Assembly for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell is as follows. Above all, it takes many years for VINATech R&D engineers for Fuel Cell components, to study and select the most proper raw materials then testing incoming materials to make PEMFC-MEA.

  • Slurry Mixing: Pt/C or PtRu/C catalyst mix with binder, solvent and water is the first step

  • Electrode Coating: Using the slurry make electrode for membrane

  • Lamination/Delamination process is followed

  • Sub-gasket assembly process is of attaching a sub-gasket to both sides of the membrane, make 5 layers MEA. GDL (Gas Diffusion Layer) assembly is the last step that the GDL attach sub-gasket to both sides of the sub-gasket, making 7 layers MEA.


DMFC MEA process


For DMFC-MEA(MEA for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly) it required fewer steps than the previous one.

  • Slurry Mixing is the process that Pt/C or PtRu/C catalyst mix with the binder, solvent and water.

  • Electrode Coating is done by using the slurry coating GDL.

GDL assembly process that the GDL attach the membrane to both sides of the membrane, make 5 layers MEA.


About VINATech 

VINATech, established 1999, has developed and produced SuperCapacitor and Fuel Cell MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly), and is equipped with smart factory-based production facilities with the highest level of automation in order to ensure the highest quality level. For more information, please call +82-31-448-3066 or email fuelcell@vina.co.kr to check MEA for PEMFC and more fuel cell components. Please visit our web site for more updates. 

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