All about VPC : Features and FAQ

2020-02-21 [12:17]
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All about VPC

30F, 08mm X 20mm size  ~  250F, 13mm X 35mm size

VPC has very low leakage current characteristics and the ESR is very low when compared to similar Battery based technology.

VPC series part name starts with VEL and we have VEL08203R8306G, the 30F hybrid lithium capacitor with 08mm X 20 mm size and VEL13353R8257G, the 250F with canister size of 12.5mm X 35mm and the web site we have uploaded datasheet here(Link).

VPC, an environmentally friendly Hybrid Lithium Capacitor family, has been developed to reduce costs against more expensive Pulse Battery technologies whilst offering significantly lower ESR, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents from similar sizes and comparable Battery based technology.

The first tranche of this new RoHS and REACH compliant Pulse Capacitors will see 1030, 1325 and 1335 sizes introduced with added benefits of considerable size reductions compared to the compatible Battery technologies. More surprisingly, 0820 size VPC is developed to better serve our customer’s needs, which is even smaller sized and suitable for a wider range of IoT applications.

Best Lead time and samples are now available. Please contact VINATech(Link) or your local partner for more information.



FAQ About VPC, hybrid lithium capacitor

Q1. What does VEL mean?

A1. VPC hybrid lithium capacitor’s part number is starting with VEL. VPC has VEL08203R8306G to VEL13353R8257G now and we will develop more products according to customer’s requirement and market needs. New product launching announcement will be released on our web site, so please check the web site for more products information.

Q2. What is VPC Feature compared with the other products?

A2. VPC, hybrid lithium capacitor show higher capacitance, you can see 100F only in 10 mm x 30 mm canister size compared with the other lithium-ion capacitor 100F is 18mm x 40 mm. More product lines are on our web site(Link). And VPC has Low leakage current compared to the others. Adding to that, VPC provides the much wider temperature of use and even Longer lifecycle than Battery.

 VPC,smaller than Grape!    VPC and the Grape ◀◀◀
- This creative Photo is taken by Mr Mike Collen(mikec@vinatech.com), EMEA Business Development Manager at VINATech Co., Ltd -

Q3. Which Application is recommendable with VPC?

A3. VINATech recommends you consider with the application that takes the impact of high pulse discharge current or current passivation such as AMR, RFID device, Emergency equipment, Medical Devices and even more application fields related with above factors. Also, the smaller sized VPC 0820 can be more suitable for a wider range of IoT applications.

Q4. Explain the difference between VPC and Supercapacitor.

A4. The electrolyte of both VPC and EDLC is the same material of organic solvent.
And compared with Supercapacitor, higher capacitance and higher voltage VPC provides. Comparatively higher lifecycle than LIB, and lower lifecycle than EDLC. 
VINATech studies and analyze your operating condition of use, and VINATech can help you to decide what can be a perfect fit for you. 


VPC Features

Last, but not least, here is the VPC Features compared with EDLC and Others.
VINATech product research and development engineers are working hard to provide you wider product range to better serve our customer with world best energy solution.

VINATech, world-known EDLC manufacturer has provided excellent service to satisfy the customer and now we are proudly launching the new product line of VPC, and please refer the table below for more details.

If you are still wondering what can be the most suitable device for you?
Contact Hycap@vina.co.kr now.

VPC, hybrid lithium capacitor features

If you still want to know more, our overseas marketers introduce you to the nelwly developed VPC, comparing the differences with EDLC, Learn more > https://youtu.be/RThvo8D8ATo

About VINATech

Formed in S.Korea in 1999 a market leader in the development and production of Super Capacitors and Fuel Cell materials, they are stock market listed, with the very highest level of automation ensuring the highest quality levels in the Industry.

For more details please contact  hycap@vina.co.kr
Tel +82-31 448 3066 or check web site.

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