Supercapacitor Rocket made with Hy-Cap 3V

2019-05-20 [18:17]
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Mr. Tam Stanton succeeded to make a hand-made rocket with supercapacitors.
His YouTube shows supercapacitor can charge very fast and supercapacitor rocket is up in the air. You can learn more about an electric rocket, hand-made with VINATech's Hy-Cap 3V supercapacitor (e.g. Ultracapacitor, electric double layer capacitor, EDLC). Thanks, Tom for your agreement of VINATech website posting
Before the project, he thought the supercapacitor was more like future technology related with fast charging electric vehicles(EV). However, after he made supercapacitor rocket by himself with VINATech 3V supercapacitor, he figured out that it has more energy density than the regular capacitor, and you can find it in the video between 01:30~02:00.

At 12:10 see charging VINATech supercapacitor is quickly done in a few seconds.
At 12:30 Hy-Cap supercapacitor Rocket is soaring up in the air successfully.

Mr. Tom Stanton YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWgwYBDSHGo
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