Global Ultracapacitor Market Comprehensive study by key players: VINATech

2019-07-25 [16:35]
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A recent market study on the Ultracapacitor industry released by the MRO provides comprehensive information on the most important supercapacitor market dynamics that are proven essential to the growth of the Ultracapacitor business over the 2019-2025 period. The report shows key players operating in the ultracapacitors markets include VINATech Co Ltd, Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Ioxus Inc., Maxwell Technologies Inc., Tokin Corporation, and et cetra. By application, the supercapacitor industry is divided into several parts such as electronics (non-volatile RAM, solid-state disk drive, and UPS), renewable energy (wind, solar, and energy harvesting), smart grid, automotive (train, bus, auto, and others), and Others (aerospace/military).

Please refer the report for further details.
Reference:  http://www.mediaindustry.us/global-ultracapacitor-market-comprehensive-study-by-key-players-nippon-chemi-con-corporation-ioxus-inc-maxwell-technologies-inc-tokin-corporation-ls-mtron-ltd-vinatech-co-ltd/

VINATech is the leading and comprehensive provider of fuel cell solution, catalyst, support, and MEA with secured the carbon nano fiber(CNF) technology from 2002.

VINATech, as one of well-known supercapacitor(Hy-Cap, Electric Double-Layer Capacitor) manufacturer, Neo series of Hy-Cap supercapacitor is re-invented by the very best VINATech own Research and development teams as the solution of anti-wetting technology.

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