National Standard for DMFC(Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) in Korea

2019-07-16 [15:38]
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For Direct Methanol Fuel Cell(DMFC), which has been difficult to enter the relevant market due to lack of Korea domestic certification, is set for four years in preparation period, and market growth is expected. DMFC(Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) system, is tested and developed bys a government-funded project.

However, it was difficult to enter the domestic market due to lack of related certification system. Even though there are potential domestic and foreign DMFC(Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) facilities in Korea, it is not possible for users to choose the quality guarantee insurance for related facilities.
On the other hand, it is operated at less than 100℃ with methanol as fuel, and it can be output from several watts to several ㎾. United States and Europe has  developed for military and camping auxiliary power supply and backup power source, and the government is actively promoting the DMFC.

The Korea Energy Corporation, which is responsible for the Korean government and Korea's renewable energy certification, selected Korea Institute of Energy Research (KERI) as the executing agency in 2015 and implemented the 'Establishment of a Certification System for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) .
‘KS direct methanol fuel cell system standard (draft)’ was derived in April, 2017, and the standard has been promoted with the National Technology Standards Agency, Korea Energy Corporation, and Korea Institute of Energy Research. Therefore, the National Technology Standards Agency completed standardization of fuel cell Korean industry standard (KS C 8569) revision on the 28th of last month within four years after standardization.
<DMFC System>
[DMFC System] 

Translated and Edited by Heidi Kim(Heidi@vina.co.kr)

Source : Korea Gas Newspaper, by Young-Tae, Nam
You can find the whole news article from Korea Gas Newspaper(July 10th, 2019.)

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