[Paper Update]Power Back Up System using a Battery and Supercapacitor bank

2019-05-29 [15:34]
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Kyungmin Sung and the team suggested a current sharing control system for the series-parallel changeover, and its HESS(hybrid energy storage system) is consisted of an electric double-layer capacitor(EDLC) bank and a main battery In order to improve the LEVs(light EV) performance. In this system, it is connected in series or in parallel between the supercapacitor(EDLC, Electric double-layer capacitor) and the battery can be decided according to the bank voltage of managing the energy stored in the HESS.
Adding to that, a simple output current control method for the parallel connection of the EDLC bank. The method allows for the ration of output current in both storage components to be controlled by introducing a share command parameter. Experimental results from field tests shows that the parallel operation with adjustable current sharing control. The paper discusses that the combination of connection in series or in parallel operation can help to provide power back up for light electric vehicles. In fact, EDLC (super capacitor, electric double-layer capacitor) applied in various industries such as LEVs as it gets more attention. EDLC is known for high power density and long lifetime at frequent charge/discharge applications. The applications deployed high energy density of the battery and rapid charge/discharge features of supercapacitors.
To connect the EDLC bank in parallel with the battery is to either manage excess energy or quickly mitigate sudden electrical variations. The EDLC bank can be connected in series or parallel to the main battery depending on the terminal voltage level of the former. By controlling the EDLC-bank output current, the current of the battery can be adjusted as necessary.  According to the field test results, the proposed method exhibits not only power assistance capabilities but also offers power saving of the battery energy.

For more explanation, please check the below link of reference.

Reference : A Power-Assistance System using a Battery and an Electric Double-Layer Capacitor Bank for Light ElectricVehicles  https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/ieejjia/8/3/8_465/_pdf/-char/ja

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