Korea Motor Company to Enter North American Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market

2019-10-01 [13:46]
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Hyundai Motor to Enter North American Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Market
Hyundai Motor is going to supply hydrogen fuel cell systems to North American commercial vehicle markets in partnership with U.S. company Cummins, which is a global power leader in engine and generator fields. In addition, Hyundai Motor will push to enter the market for emergency hydrogen fuel cell systems at data centres in North America along with Cummins. The company aims to jointly develop an environmentally friendly powertrain based on hydrogen fuel cell systems, which will be applied with Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell system and Cummins' powered powertrain parts technology, and sell it to commercial vehicle makers such as buses and trucks in North America and data centre builders.

Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. of the United States, Strategic Cooperation MOU
Hyundai Motor expects its cooperation with Cummins to speed up its business diversification and strengthening global hydrogen leadership by expanding outside sales of hydrogen fuel cell systems. Hyundai Motor announced on the 27th that it recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Commons, a global power leader in the engine and generator sectors, at the Cummins Power Train Center in Silicon Valley, California, which aims to strengthen strategic cooperation in the hydrogen fuel cell sector.
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Source : Business Report, by Sung Soo, Kim
You can find the whole news report from Business Report (Sept 27th, 2019)
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