We endeavour to fulfill the happiness of our customers, employees and shareholders as well as our society, by offering environmentally-friendly products

"Customers are the Reason for our Business."

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our sole focus should be meeting our customers’ needs who finance and support our business.

Without customers, our company cannot survive. When they are satisfied, we are satisfied.

We should always be honest and faithful to our valued customers. Customers should be the center of our decision-making process. This will always hold true.


Through the happiness of our members, we provide eco-friendly products and contribute to the building of a harmonious society.


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  • Member Satisfaction

    Our members are: employees(internal customers), customers(external customers), and stockholders. The happiness of our employees comes from fair and ethical treatment. This will always come above all else, even when we emphasize the needs of customers and stockholders. The most important customers of VINA Tech are the employees. They hold the biggest responsibility for ensuring the satisfaction of external customers and stockholders.

  • Eco-friendly Products

    Our products should contribute to the sustainability and improvement of the environment. This principle should always be kept throughout the production process. If there is any factor that might damage or destroy our environment, this must be corrected. When damage is inevitable, there should be a form of compensation. We believe this is the most certain way to ensure the company’s continued growth.

  • Harmonious Community

    The international community should go beyond borders and cultures. Our company will set a firm root in Korea before we set out to establish overseas factories in China and Vietnam. Our distribution network will connect the major industries of the world to which the factories in Korea, China, and Vietnam will supply products. We will a gradually expand our overseas production bases to create continued employment opportunities and supply eco-friendly products.


We have established our key shared values, ‘Passion, Communication and Sharing’ in order to fulfill the Vina Spirit, ‘we exist as long as our customers exist’ and the Vina Mission, ‘we contribute to our society by offering environmentally-friendly products’.




    Respect and Trust


    Corporate Social
    Responsiblility People


We always set our goal higher than our ability.

The Vina Family is always trying to transcend our limit to achieve even bigger goals. For this, we also challenge ourselves to participate in the marathon race or to ascend mountains, but also we perform our business according to well-organized plans.

  • Pursuit of challenge

  • “We will always dream what is deemed impossible. We should not fear failures for they are mere steps toward the accomplishment of our objectives. We should challenge what poses as barriers.
    We equally value failure and success, but we completely reject stagnation. Once we reach our destination, we will set an even higher target. Nothing is impossible for those with unyielding
  • value of planned implementation

  • “We will choose failure with plans over success by chances. All of our tasks should be carefully planned based on our vision and strategy. We also value the determined action of "eating a live frog" as popularized by Mark Twain without procrastination.


We are all equally important!

Vina family helps its members to seek their happiness, respecting them as a valued individual. For this, we support our members with their education and regularly share our business performance with them.

  • A culture that grows together

  • “The growth of business and the development of its employees are inseparable. The company should provide opportunities to acquire knowledge, a higher diploma, and job training. The employees also should set higher goals and strive to achieve them.

    The advancement of our customers is a necessary condition for our success. Seeking undue profit will undermine our operations; at the same time, unfair practices will make us go out of business. We believe that our destiny lies in the hands of our customers, and that we grow with our customers by providing the best products.

  • Respect and trust

  • “All of the members of this company are equal, regardless of their status or rank. The leaders should set an example and help their subordinates grow. The subordinates should aid the leader to make the right choices.

    Everyone should greet each other with respect and be polite. All of our divisions research, manufacturing, marketing, and support divisions are equally important.

    Therefore, each division should respect one another. All of our accomplishments should be open to the public routinely with sufficient explanation. Compensation and alternatives will be decided based on profit and loss. Each division will have joint responsibilities and obligations.”


We are totally committed to everyone’s happy life in our community!

Vina family supports our community by volunteering and contributing 1% of our salary. Every employee is encouraged to read books for personal development and knowledge sharing.

  • Respect for social responsibility

  • “We pursue continued growth to provide more employment opportunities, The root of our growth is eco-friendly products. Through honest tax payments and our welfare fund, we contribute to society and the company. We spend 24 hours a year in volunteer works.

    Finally, we will establish a welfare foundation with the founders’ sale of stocks, company profits, and the donations from our employees. We will be both donors and recipients of our welfare foundation, and we will create a better world.”

  • Think of a person first

  • “We highly value the happiness of our members, and we believe that we can only contribute to our neighbors, regional community, and country through people-oriented growth.

    For this, we highly insist on education, reading, exercise, and medical checkups, and we make sure that each employee is given equal opportunities to grow and excel.

    The contribution to the success of our business must be duly rewarded. Unseen efforts must not be neglected as well. Together, we will overcome hardship.

    There is only business restructuring; there is no human resource restructuring.”


  • Creation of
    Products with Soul

    Production activity is a process of evaluation and creation of new product, and the quality should be packed with soul.

  • Optimization of
    Work Process

    All of our works should follow QCP (Quality Control Process) and, optimized through continued improvements.

  • Cost-reduction through
    Quality Stabilization

    Quality stabilization is the best path to become the world’s leading company in the leading company in the industry and to provide the most efficient cost-reduction method.