Vina R&D


VINATech challenges new technologies and products with constant change and effort.

VINATech R&D lab works on supercapacitors and fuel cells based on R&D system for new technology and new product for next generation and future growth.

Never Give Up! Aim High!

In order to make the impossible possible, Vinatech's R & D lab constantly strives to move forward with the thought that it can be seen as mad and believe that it can be realized.

Representative government tasks at Vinatech are as follows.


  • Regenerated Energy : Development of single cycle convergent ESS applied with nano-carbons to save the energy of elevating devices
  • Solar Energy : High-capacity hybrid capacitor for solar mirror tracking
  • Small Smart Device : Development of the surface installation type MESS
  • Commercialization of vehicle ISG power supply : Development of hybrid supercapacitor commercialization technology based on nano structure carbon material for vehicle ISG power supply
  • Development of Cylindrical Supercapacitor Technology for Battery Rotor Drive Power

Fuel Cell

  • Core Technology : Development of High Reliability MEA for PEMFC with Ceramic-Carbon Hybrid Catalyst Carrier Technology for prevention of Carbon
  • International Joint Research Project of Energy : Commercialisation of Fuel Cell for Electric Vehicles
  • High temperature fuel cell : High temperature fuel cell-secondary cell convergence energy system for high quality distributed generation based on city gas