Of huge impact for the Global environment, VINATech’s technology for the energy market, includes numerous solutions from both their supercapacitor and fuel cell ranges.

Our Hy-Cap VPC, Lithium Hybrid Capacitor are ideally rated at 3.8V for NBIoT & GPRS communications modules and perfect to support Battery powered products. The VEC & WEC series leads the market with the 3 volt family and ensures the very best quality and lifetime for these applications including Memory and RTC backup, last gasp and actuator control.

Fuel Cell materials have been part of the VINATech range since 2002 with its Carbon nanofiber(CNF) technology. Hydrogen fuel cells power will be a key Energy Source for the future from Vehicles and Stationary products(Generators, Heating systems for homes), producing a clean byproduct, pure water. VINATech offers combined materials from Catalyst support components to catalyst to MEA which is optimized for the hydrogen fuel cell application area for PEMFC, DMFC, fuel cells.

supercapacitor application
supercapacitor applicationsupercapacitor application
  • AMR (Electricity, Gas, Water meters) and Smart Meters to monitor and reduce our energy usage.
  • Data Contro Unit(DCU), Fault Detector-(FTU, FRTU, FCI) for improved monitoring
  • Fuel Cell materials to help reduce the Global Carbon footprint for Mobile and stationary applications

Supercapacitors play increasing roles in todays growing Electronics market.

  • supercapacitor application

    Energy Saving

  • supercapacitor application

    Power Back Up

  • supercapacitor application

    Memory Back Up

  • supercapacitor application

    RTC Back Up

  • supercapacitor application

    Last Gasp

Supercapacitors can be applied to an increasing number of products that require long life with high power, energy storage capabilities and hundreds of thousands of rapid charge/discharge cycles.
Supercapacitors can be applied as single cells or module formats according to the increasing number of applications. VINATech’s customer base is growing as they understand the added value of VINATech’s quality and technology for their developing environmentally friendly applications worldwide.