Deodorizing filter

VINATech provides a deodorizing filter solution that includes activated carbon's adsorption function and catalyst impregnation technology.

We also have the material pretreatment technology specialized for the material to be adsorbed. These technologies make superior performance and a long lifetime of deodorizing filters compared to the commercial deodorizing filter.

  • Item pore Diameter(nm)
    BLACK Macro-pore > 50
    BLUE Meso-pore 2 - 50
    RED Micro-pore < 2

VINATech Deodorizing filter

VINATech has developed a block-shape refrigerator deodorizing filter which uses activated carbon with high specific surface area. The Deodorizing filter is currently supplied to large Korean enterprises. The Deodorizing filter helps maintain fresh and clean air inside refrigeration units by eliminating major culprits of odor in refrigerators including Methyl Mercaptan, Hydrogen Sulphide, and Trimethylamine. We are also committed to developing filtering solutions to clean the cabin of cars as well as water purifiers and air cleaners, on the basis of our impregnating technology and by using metal catalysts optimized to each type of gas.

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Items Specifications Refrigerator deodorizing filters
Type Carbon-block MEA
Metal catalysts Copper 3 wt%
Binders Polyethylene sphere binder 10 wt%
Specific surface area 600 m2/g above
Pore Volume 0.28 cc/g above
Tap density 0.5 g/cc above
Methyl Mercaptan destruction time 1500 - 2000 min.
Deodorizing efficiency 90%
Intensity of compress 10 kgf/cm2 above

Deodorizing filter uses optimized catalyst impregnating technology specialized for gas elimination.
Deodorizing filter has proved excellent in their performance compared to other commercial filters of the kind.

[ The mechanism of removal bad smell(Methyl Mercaptan, Hydrogen Sulfide, Trimethylamine) ]

The superior performance of VINATech deodorizing filter