“The VINA family wishes to work with anyone who”

  • 01

    has a warm heart that understands, considers others’needs and is grateful

  • 02

    is sincere and motivated in carrying out his or her duties and enjoys his or her job

  • 03

    is diligent in learning and constantly attempts to innovate

  • 04

    takes pride in being a member of VINA family and works as a team player to create the future

Recruitment plan

Position New and experienced Deadline Any time throughout the year
  • Examine career papers

  • 1 interview
    (Working level)

  • 2 interview

  • confirm

Documents Curriculum Vitae, a letter of self-introduction Fields Technical Sales, R&D, Production, Quality Assurance, General Management
Salary Office Jobs (annual base salary, decided at the time of the interview), field jobs (basic hourly wage + bonus) Contact

Tel : +82-63-715-3020

E-mail : recruit@vina.co.kr