Supercapacitor Application



supercapacitor application
supercapacitor applicationsupercapacitor application
  • 应急灯和应急照射器:电源反应迅速,且不需要定期更换。
  • LED 照明、太阳能照明、手动手电筒:快速充电、适用寿命长
  • 道路指示灯:提供长寿命解决方案,确保道路上的可视性。

Supercapacitors play increasing roles in todays growing Electronics market.

  • supercapacitor application

    Energy Saving

  • supercapacitor application

    Power Back Up

Supercapacitors can be applied to an increasing number of products that require long life with high power, energy storage capabilities and hundreds of thousands of rapid charge/discharge cycles.
Supercapacitors can be applied as single cells or module formats according to the increasing number of applications. VINATech’s customer base is growing as they understand the added value of VINATech’s quality and technology for their developing environmentally friendly applications worldwide.