Responding COVID19, We Get on Blood Donation Bus

2020-04-22 [12:00]
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Video also on https://youtu.be/HXBe3Sf7Y0s

You can refer more information about the cautions and guide about blood donation.

VINATech is organizing volunteer sharing work regularly, and many VINATech members have participated in the NANUM activities to build better and safe society. This time, many VINATech members wish to help the COVID-19 crisis and participated by his or her free wills.
The beautiful moments of sharings are in video clip of VINATech official YouTube Channel:youtube.com/c/vinatech

After collecting survey results of checking the VINATech workers about whether to participate in blood donation, VINATech found out that many members strongly wish to help to improve situation due to coronavirus crisis. 
Therefore KOREAN Redcross Blood Service is pleased to send the blood donation bus to VINATech even twice in 17th and 21st April.

As Corona19 continues, we have experienced great difficulties in supplying blood in Korea and elsewhere, President Moon appreciated the national and voluntary help for COVID-19 causing serious blood shortage. During the sixties ceremony of 19th April revolution, also he added 419(April 19th) revolution had started the blood donation history in Korea.
 Blood donation bus in from of VINATech R&D Lab in 21st of April

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