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2020-05-11 [09:59]

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The global crisis of COVID-19 is staying longer and our everyday life is getting more difficult, and VINATech hopes many people will regain daily lives stability as soon as possible, retore a healthy life, and succeed in your business. VINATech is here to deliver excellent customer service and the best products. Please contact VINATech(hycap@vina.co.kr), our social media and web site, we are open 24/7 service and will feedback within 24 hours.


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※ Hy-Cap 3V Snap In Type EDLC

Snap In Ultracapacitor

Snap In Ultracapacitor ranges 100 farads to 500 farads capacitance and will have Mass Production in multi-site so that VINATech can serve numbers of customers with best customer service and reasonable lead time.
VINATech's Hy-Cap Snap In Utracapacitor provides over 500,000 cycle life(semi-permanent) and High Power density with Low ESR. Snap In Ultracapacitor Datasheet is available on our web site

Most of the companies involve in globally located supply chain as well as multi-site manufacturing firms, therefore, VINATech Vietnam factory and Jeonju R&D lab and factory will be providing great services to our valued customers world wide.



Taping Package of Ultracapacitor


VINATech, the Electric Double Layer Capacitance(EDLC) manufacturer with securing its raw material related carbon handling technologies since 2020, provides Ultracapacitor with Taping packages for volume orders of 8mm and 10 mm diameter products. 
Please contact VINATech local distributors or email us hycap@vina.co.kr directly anytime for the detailed requirements, and we'd like to hear your voices 24 hours.


Ultracapacitor Applications News


A couple of new application ideas brought to VINATech by a contact at New Zealand University.
◎ Ultracapacitor could be used in a DB Blocking circuit to replace a 1uF with 1F to have 1 million times longer time to reach steady state of blocking. 

◎ Ultracapacitor can significantly improve Low Dropout Regulators for DC-DC converters by using its high capacitance and low ESR to dramatically reduce voltage drop than Mosfets which are currently used and reduces needs of EMI filtering.
◎ An Austrailian company who has used Ultracapacitor to absorb high voltage transients from Lightning surges induced on Power supplies by utilizing 100F caps to absorb a typical 100 joule surge.  


Sharing to help Coronavirus crisis

Keeping in mind to live a safe and healthy life, VINATech overcomes the global coronavirus crisis even more actively and many members of VINATech decided happily to devote in blood donation, as many patients are having difficulties of blood supply in Korea. After collecting survey results from every VINATech staffs about whether to participate in blood donation, most of the members strongly wish to help the situation.

Therefore Korean Redcross Blood Service was pleased to send the blood donation bus to VINATech in Jeonju twice in 17th and 21st in April. Total four donators use the blood donation bus normally, but this time Redcross Blood Service arranged very carefully to distance one another with limiting maximum two donators on the bus. 
Link for more information


Internation Events

This year VINATech planned many international events to meet new friends and promote VINATech's key products. However, Hydrogen+Fuel Cells Europe in Hanover was cancelled this year along with many other events cancellation due to COVID-19 crisis. VINATech hopes to take part of finishing global virus concern sooner than later. Some events are scheduled late this year in Germany, Italy and we make sure to meet more partners and local customers next week.
VINATech will keep updated about any changes.

H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2020
When : 1-3 July 2020 
Where : Kintex Ilsan, Korea

Enlit Milan 2020
When : 27-29 October 2020
Where : Hall 3 Booth K80, Fiera Milano, Italia
Electronica 2020
When : 10-13 November 2020
Where : Munich, Germany
Hydrogen+Fuel Cells Europe * 
When :  21-26 April 2021
Where : Booth F53 Messe Hanover, Germany
Indian Utility Week * 
When : 27-29 January 2021 
Where : Booth E34 IECC, Pragati Maidan New Delhi, India

Social Media News

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