VINATech, Going for Eco-Friendly Fuel Cell “Unicorn Enterprise”

2020-06-29 [20:26]
VINATech Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of energy storage device 'Super Capacitor (EDLC)', and fuel cell component support, catalyst, and membrane electrode assembly (MEA). 

Recently, increasingly more customers are looking for VINATech because of the need for eco-friendly energy. The applications are in the fields of industrial, automotive, energy, and consumer electronics. Super Capacitor has a relatively long service life, so it is eco-friendly.

Technology is the key of VINATech's competitiveness. VINATech succeeded in mass production of 3V Super Capacitor in 2010. Also VINATech has the world's No.1 production capacity of medium-sized radial products (15 million cells/month). As for a highly durable support, it secured the original technology on its own.

VINATech keeps investing 10% of the sales amount as R&D expenses. Despite COVID19 crisis, it tries to turn it into an opportunity to widen the gap from its competitors.

*News Source: Donga Ilbo, 2020.06.29 (Partially rearranged)

[About VINATech]

VINATech established in 1999 has developed and produced Ultracapacitor and Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assembly, and is equipped with smart factory based production facilities with the highest level of automation in order to ensure the highest quality level. 

For more information, please call +82 31 448 3066 or email hycap@vina.co.kr for ultracapacitor and fuelcell@vina.co.kr for fuel cell core components. Please check our web site for more information.  
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